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Anfaplace Mall offers you a series of good plans, tips and advice to occupy your time during this period.

We have mobilized our partner brands to give you the best advice.

The Body Shop is closed during containment but don’t panic!

You can take care of your skin with a scrub made from natural ingredients!

Mix coffee grounds with honey or sweet almond oil for purified skin! #APMHelpsyousstayhome

Flormar is closed? You can still take care of yourself! Anfaplace Mall offers you a mask recipe to purify your skin, with ingredients that you will find at home! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Do you want to take care of your hair but Beauty Success Maroc is closed? Anfaplace Mall offers you a homemade hair mask, to give them back their shine! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Do you spend most of your day in front of the screens? Anfaplace Mall offers you an easy and quick recipe to soothe your eyes, while you wait for your Flormar store to open! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

The Body Shop is closed? Don’t panic, Anfaplace Mall offers you to take care of your skin with natural ingredients available in your kitchen! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

While Flormar is closing, Anfaplace Mall offers you a little tip for a successful eyeliner stroke! It’s time to practice 😍 #APMhelpsyoustayhome

While Virgin Megastore Maroc is closed, Anfaplace Mall occupies your children in the best possible way and provides you with ultra easy and detailed drawing tutorials to allow your little ones to follow the steps! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Anfaplace Mall helps you to occupy your children, during the closing of Virginmegastore, with this drawing tutorial, easy and fun, to reproduce a cute little dog #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Anfaplace offers you a new drawing tutorial during the closure of Virgin Megastore Maroc – Official. Today, your children will be able to draw this cute little monkey on their own 😍 #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Containment is preventing you from going to your Go Sport store? Do not panic ! Anfaplace Mall accompanies you with some simple Yoga exercises that will do you good physically and mentally 💪🏽
You will only need a carpet (the one in the living room works too 😄) #APMhelpsyoustayhome

GO Sport Maroc is closed during the confinement period 🙁 Anfaplace Mall helps you get fit at home!
Today’s exercise is all about the abs!

Good session ! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Courir Maroc being closed at the moment, Anfaplace Mall recommends regular physical activity to strengthen your immunity! Do simple exercises at home every day to stay healthy! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Containment is no excuse for the lack of exercises! Even with the closure of Courir Maroc, Anfaplace Mall now offers you the opportunity to tackle arm exercises!

It is important to practice physical activity at least 3 times a week, so Anfaplace Mall offers you exercises to keep you in shape! How about doing a few squats today? #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Courir Maroc is closed? Anfaplace Mall invites you to start the week with full body exercises for a flat stomach and a strengthened body! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Go sport is closed? Anfaplace Mall offers a series of full body exercises to maintain your body while staying at home! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

While Courir Maroc is closed, Anfaplace Mall offers you simple exercises to stretch you during the day or after your workout! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

La Grande Récré is closed at the moment but that does not prevent us from testing our knowledge! Here is a special cinema quiz, so what year do you think The Lion King was released in?

During this period of confinement, your Virgin Megastore Maroc – Official store is closed, but Anfaplace Mall invites you to continue testing your cinematographic knowledge with a quiz on The Godfather!

To your answers!

During this closing period for La Grande Récré, Anfaplace Mall invites you to play a game of baccalaureate with your family! The principle is simple, just score a maximum of points by finding words corresponding to a letter of the alphabet and to predetermined categories.

Is La Grande Récré closed at the moment? Anfaplace Mall invites you to take advantage of these family moments to discover Time’s up, the essential game of the moment! To play it, it’s simple: you will have to guess and make guess an animal, an object, a person, a book title, a movie … in a limited time. #APMhelpsyoustayhome

In this period of confinement, VirginMaroc has closed its doors 🙁 Anfaplace Mall therefore invites you to continue with its series of quizzes to play and test your general knowledge! To your answers!

Virgin is also closed during this period of confinement: / Anfaplace Mall offers you a new quiz in the cinematographic category!

Anfaplace Mall continues its series of quizzes, while La Grande Récré is closed, with a special general knowledge question! To your answers 💪🏽 #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Your La Grande Récré store being closed, Anfaplace Mall invites you to play a family mime game to liven up your evenings! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

The Grande Récré being closed, Anfaplace Mall offers you to have fun with your little ones and make magnificent rosettes 😍! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Your Virgin Megastore Maroc store being closed, Anfaplace Mall offers your little ones to have fun finding the 5 differences in this image 😍 #APMhelpsyoustayhome

While D’en Nogués Chocolatier is closing, Anfaplace Mall offers you THE essential dessert for gourmets, chocolate mousse! Here is a quick and easy recipe! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Fancy some Mozzarellas sticks but Burgerking is closed? Anfaplace Mall delivers the recipe to you 😋!

Oliveri is closed and you fancy an ice cream? Here is an easy recipe to make quickly at home!

Your favorite KFC restaurant being closed during this period 😕 Anfa Place Mall offers you a recipe to prepare breaded chicken while waiting for the reopening 😋 #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Fancy some good Italian pasta? While your favorite restaurants Dagino and La Cantinetta are closed, Anfaplace Mall invites you to indulge yourself with this carbonara pasta recipe! Bon appétit 😋 #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Fancy a good tacos while your Tacos Express restaurant is closing? No problem, Anfaplace Mall delivers a delicious recipe of the Lyonnaise specialty! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Alpha 55 is closed and you need to brighten up your interior?
Anfaplace Mall offers you to grow indoor plants like avocado in pots or jars!

Terranova and Newyorker are closed? Take the opportunity to make room in your closet! Anfaplace Mall offers you a little trick to organize your closet!

Alpha 55 is closed? No worries, Anfaplace offers you a tutorial to customize your flowerpots and give them a second life! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Are your favorite Le Comptoir des Montres, Time Road and Swatch watch stores closed? Anfaplace Mall offers you a simple DIY to store your jewelry! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Do you also take advantage of this period to calm everything down? Here is a DIY to make your own bathroom storage while Miniso Maroc is closed! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

How about giving your sunglasses a second life? During the closing of your KRYS Casablanca, SunPlanet MAROC and Optical In stores, Anfaplace offers you a DIY to easily customize your glasses! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

While @Charles&keith and PEDRO are closing, here’s a handy tip for taking care of your handbag 😉 #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Anfaplace Mall offers you during the closing of Bayt Al Oud, a simple recipe to create a home fragrance with natural ingredients available at home! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

While waiting for the opening of your Diamantine store, Anfaplace Mall offers you a little trick to store your scarves and save space in your wardrobe! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

While your H&M and Kwaddro Morocco stores are closing, Anfaplace offers you a tutorial to take care of your clothes by creating your own home fabric softener! #APMhelpsyoustayhome

Do you need an original cake stand but Alpha 55 is closed? Don’t panic, Anfaplace Mall offers you a tutorial to make one at home! #APMhelpsyoustayhome